100th Post

I came across blogging world in end of 2007 reading blogs of  some of my orkut friends, so I started writing a  blog. Just after two three months I started posting on another blog (this one) to collect some of poetry, songs, links realted to Punjabi, Hindi, just to put them on a single place so that whenever I want I can read them. I had chosen WordPress and started a blog named Poetry I Love, started this blog in April 2008 and today is almost 2 years from the time of beginning, posting here 100th post for this blog and another double zero got attached to 100th post to mark visitors on this blog (reached 10000 last month).

I thought to post Site Stats and some other top posts from these two years.

Site Stats:

Site Stats

Top Posts:

This 100th post is dedicated to Punjab & Hindi Poetry,  Writers,  WordPress and all the visitors.

Thanks ALL.

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4 Responses to 100th Post

  1. Keep up the good work bro.

  2. ghaint a jawana…

    chakki challo kam….

  3. harmeet sidhu says:

    Thanks Pranav !!

  4. Thanks Sidhu Bai Ji..

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