On this blog I collect  poetry, songs that are close to my heart. Started this blog in Apr 2008 and now trying to post everything in Unicode Punjabi.

Every poem posted is copyright of the mentioned author on the page (This is not my self – written poetry).

This blog is dedicated to meaningful poetry, songs, music videos etc.

Also check : 100th Post

This blog hosted its 200th post in July 2011.

Crossed 50000 hits in July 2011.

Crossed 75000 hits in December 2011.

Crossed 200000 hits on 6 Nov 2013.

Crossed 250000 hits on 30 July 2014

Crossed 400000 hits on Jan 2018.

Thank you for  your support to this blog, your comments are always welcome.

8 Responses to About

  1. cp sandhu says:

    hey,its mind-blowing,poetry blog is really heart-touching,d collection of pics is very pretty and natural,wat can i say is as a whole its superb,nice,outstanding etc,etc,etc…………………………………………….

  2. Dalbir Singh says:

    Harmeet 22 g Chardi kalan ch raho Poetry bahut vadia aa g.

  3. mandeep sidhu says:

    good job done sidhu ji..thanks

  4. chander kishor says:

    Dear Sir,

    Tuhadi site bahut he pasand aai tusi asli punjabi soch de insan ho punjabi nu uchha chukan lai jo log bhi kam kar rahe han apne poetry ja geeta rahi tusi ohna de sare chapter bhi bahut he wadiya tarike naal likhe han. sade padosi mulkh pakistan vich bhi punjabi de ajehe fankaar han alam lohar te uhna de son ARIF LOHAR kirpa karke uhna de jogdan nu bhi apni site te likho punjabi folk JUGNI uhna walo he sanu sunan lai mili hai.


    Chander Kishor ( Sunny)

  5. Harnek says:

    I came across your blog just looking for random punjabi poetry. Before I start reading and get sunken it. Just want to thank you for making this great effort. Please keep up the good work!

  6. Devinder singh says:

    I am so glad to find your site. I love to read & write. I also want to post my songs & Ghazals. You are doing great job. keep up good work ..
    God Bless you
    Devinder Pammi

  7. Amardeep Purewal says:

    Janab Harmeet Sidhu saab tusi changa kmm kr rahe ho,bahut ghatt lok eda di jimmevari chukkde ne,,,,,,,bahut changa lageya pad ke,,,,,,chaddi kala ch raho punjabi deyo wariso

  8. Manir Gauria says:

    bhuut vadhya kamm aa bai, keep it up.

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